Supplying & Contracting

Supplying & Contracting

Focusing on oil-, gas- and water drilling technology, raw materials and equipment for high tech applications, industrial machinery, spare parts, communication and electronics, chemicals, ceramics, metals, construction materials etc.

We are specialized for supplying and maintenance for example of

drilling machines and tools
equipment and related tools for rigs
distribution transformer
automatic control systems
design, maintenance and supplying of Electrical boards distribution boards
maintenance of electronic locks
and more

We provide all of the materials, supplies and equipment for any construction project.

What is TESPO offering you in this field?

We have contacts and joint-ventures with several companies to fulfill our customers wishes and orders and we always try to deliver the best products and services, fast and with efficient costs comparing to our competitors.


Don’t hesitate and contact us for any question or inquiry.

We built bridges with our national and international knowledge!